About the Artist

Headshot of the artist, Fatima H. Argun
Fatima H. Argun

My creations are about color dynamics and the vibrancy I perceive in all aspects of my life every day.  I capture this energy in my compositions by extending my intuitive reach to the full range of my senses, and through continuous  experimentation with various media. Much of my work is  in acrylics, with some mixed media–on canvas and most recently on paper.

For me, colors have incredibly positive energy and power! It’s not unusual for me to paint while listening to a range of musical styles, such as complex jazz rhythms, Sufi hymns, pop music or classical compositions. I relate musical rhythms to color ranges and tones.  Each musical genre opens the way for me to access a different dimension of my creativity–and each has a corresponding resonance to that which I’m creating.

Among my most significant  artistic inspirations are Edward Hopper, René Magritte, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, and the dadaists and surrealists. I also draw inspiration from spirituality and the celebration of nature and the divine embodied in the poetry of Rumi.

I believe my art is at the same time completely intuitive and somewhat whimsical. In the spirit of Henri Matisse, who once said: “the artist has to look at life as he did when he was a child. If he loses that faculty, he cannot express himself in an original, that is, a personal way”,  my paintings are an opportunity for me to be completely genuine, while  trying to elicit a sense of joy and wonder and a carefree spirit.

Ultimately, I want my art to stimulate and perpetuate curiosity, encourage  personal exploration, and open the way for discovery of new dimensions within and without.